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New platform with our new ACARS.


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We are offering support via email, our staff members will help you for any issues you have replying in a working day plus you can ask support in our Discord Server.

New ACARS system
With the new ACARS you can make a free flight or book directly a slot from the website and fly OFFLINE.
Connect to IVAO network but remember to open your acars to record correctly the flight in the system.

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Meet the staff and the other pilots on our server discord. You are free to join in and discover our community.

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There are no active bookings.

Latest 10 flight reports

Flight No. Departure City Arrival City Pilot Aircraft Landing Rate
MLN578 EDAC LSZB   MLN578 Carenado Dassault Falcon 50_EX v1.1 PH-DTF -233fpm
MLN573 PHTO PHLI   MLN573 Boeing 737NG Series -219fpm
MLN578 EHRD EDAC   MLN578 Aerobask_Phenom_300_v1.7 -78fpm
MLN578 LFOB EHRD   MLN578 HB-JRD -201fpm
MLN578 LFMD LFOB   MLN578 Carenado Dassault Falcon 50_EX v1.1 N5681G -174fpm
MLN578 LEIB LFMD   MLN578 CL650 Grey Goose -589fpm
MLN573 PHNL PHTO   MLN573 Boeing 737NG Series 738 NG MILAN AIRWAYS -258fpm
MLN573 LIRF LIPZ   MLN573 Boeing 737-MAX8 Milan Airways 737 MAX 20 -173fpm
MLTEU05 LFPG EIDW   MLN577 FSLabs A321-211 - MLN (I-MLNP) -295fpm
MLTEU04 LEBL LFPG   MLN577 FSLabs A321-211 - MLN (I-MLNP) -123fpm

Top 5 greased landings this week

Pilot Name Flight Number Airport Date Landing Rate Performance Score
  Login to view the profile MLN573 LIQL 2022-05-19 -49.00fpm 93%
  Login to view the profile MLN578 EDAC 2022-05-24 -78.00fpm 95%
  Login to view the profile MLN529 LIME 2022-05-22 -88.00fpm 88%
  Login to view the profile MLTEU04 LFPG 2022-05-22 -123.00fpm 95%
  Login to view the profile MLN573 LIPZ 2022-05-22 -173.00fpm 95%

Latest Members

Pilot Name Country Hub Hired Date
  MLN683 Switzerland Switzerland Rome Fiumicino (LIRF) 2022-05-18
  MLN682 Italy Italy Milan Malpensa (LIMC) 2022-02-23
  MLN211 Italy Italy Milan Linate (LIML) 2022-02-23
  MLN210 Italy Italy Bergamo Orio al Serio (LIME) 2022-01-30
  MLN044 Italy Italy Milan Malpensa (LIMC) 2022-01-28
  MLN280 Italy Italy Rome Fiumicino (LIRF) 2022-01-03
  MLN681 Austria Austria Rome Fiumicino (LIRF) 2021-12-21

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