About Us

Milan Airways is born on 2008 as MilanJet Airways.

It was founded in February 2008, from an idea of our founder Nicolò Tomasini, passionate about flying and flight simulation, with the help of his brother Giacomo Tomasini looking for creating an innovative virtual airline referred to Milan, nice and professional that places itself among the many virtual airlines that populate the Network of the Virtual Flights world with the main objective to simulate an environment, the more' realistic as possible, in which pilots can live the typical experience of an airline with air traffic rules and especially with a real interaction with other pilots and controllers.

In 2012, to expand the network, the staff decided to create NetJet, a division owned by MilanJet Airways, which focuses on the lowcost market and charter holiday destinations.
The staff expanded with Fabio Ferracini, who worked as a partner in finding new strategies for a better management.

The 2013 presents itself as an important year, marking a turning point for MilanJet Airways, with the revision of the brand in Milan Airways and given the growth and potential of the company a new website was created more functional, offering to all the pilots a more real experience with a dedicated ACARS and an Integrated Pirep System and updates in real time showned directly on the website.

In 2017 our VA had more than 100 active pilots and two Hubs. Milan Airways was a community in expansion, flies in the network of flight simulation IVAO and VATSIM with a dedicated ACARS that provides the ability to fly even offline pilots, recording in real time data on the website.

From 26th of Semptember 2021, Milan Airways changed totally the whole system and reopened the flight activity due to technical issues with the old system, now ready for the future expansions of the virtual airline.

Just as a reminder: Milan Airways is non-profit organisation, a free virtual social community for the final users.
This website is dedicated to a virtual flight simulation, this website doesn't depict a real airline therefore it is not possible to book real flights.
There is no connection or likelihood to a real airline company with the related website. The virtual airline logo represents the official logo of Milano City which we are attributing the entire copyright.

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